Looking Good, Feeling Even Better with GHD

The fashion doesn’t matter much if a person is having a bad hair day. The hair will always be the crème of the crop in style. That’s why Ghd Australia is famous. The company is renowned because they promise good hair day every day and they live up to people’s expectations.

They have an online shop that offers products such as hair straighteners, hair brushes, gorgeous gifts, and latest collections or limited editions. They offer free delivery in Australia and that’s another thing to cherish.

They always have new styling ideas like soft waves and volume, the perfect straight, and tousled texture. There are video tutorials on their website that teach people create chic hairstyles through GHD merchandises.

Be inspired today through the company’s fashionable styles and trends. Enjoy the classy looks from their salon community and premium stylists. They also have hairstyle types that are bracketed in categories like occasion hair, celebrity, and popular styles. Pickup a style, hair length, and hair color, and become a headturner today.

Among their famous stylists are Aaron Carlo, Sophie Laidlaw, Ashley Gamble, and Headmasters. They have featured stylists every now and then, and each one of them has its own trademark or style that consumers can enjoy. Like, Aaron Carlo loves grunge hair, uber power blowouts, and simple undone beautiful hair.

The company is receiving awards like its creative director Zoe Irwin has been named as the Hair Icon 2012. People feel comfortable getting the deals of Ghd because they have the concept that the results that they’ll get are creative and outstanding.

People who don’t have a hairstyle in mind don’t need to worry because the company has a great catalogue of fancy and professional hairstyles. They can also tell, draw, or show the hairstyles that they have in mind and the company’s pro hairstylists can definitely do them – from simple to cloud nine hair.


How to Get Curls: A Guide to the Spiral Style

Not all people have the luxury of easily achieving spiral curls. There may be tons of tutorials on how to get curls online, but not all of them are easy to follow, let alone understand. To help you achieve the Goldilocks’ style of hair, you’d need an in depth guide.

If you are longing to have spiral curls, here is a step by step guide for you.

  1. Blow dry your hair evenly using Parlux Hair Dryer. After blow drying, comb thoroughly, making sure that there are no snags or twists.
  2. Use a ponytail to tie up ¾ of your hair. The remaining loose hair is the portion that you would curl first.
  3. From the loose hair, gather up a little bunch, depending on how much hair you want in a spiral curl. Using the Cloud Nine Wand, work your way from the bottom and up. Make sure you twist the wand in such a way that the hair is firm on the equipment.
  4. Hold the curling iron in a vertical position for around 15 seconds. The length of time actually depends on your hair type and the heat setting you chose. You have to test and redo this step to find out which temperature and time duration makes the perfect curls.
  5. Slowly loosen the hair on the curling wand, making sure that you don’t pull the iron out horizontally. (In this step, when you loosen the hair, the iron is still sticking inside.) Once all hair is loosened, remove the curling iron downward, still in its vertical position.
  6. Using a hairspray, preferably GHD hair products, lightly spray your hair. Make sure you don’t overdo it such that the hair would be too heavy.
  7. Loosely tie up the hair in a ponytail. It would be a good idea to tie it up on the base of your hair so that the curls won’t be affected. In this step, you should have two ponytails: one loosely done for curls, the other for the hair that is yet to be curled.
  8. Repeat Steps 1 to 7 for the remaining hair.
  9. When finished curling all hair, flip down your head and lightly shower some hairspray on your hair. Again, make sure you do this lightly so as not to make the hair too heavy. Just enough to keep the style in place.

And you’re done! Keep in mind that you need to try and test a few times to achieve the desired spiral curls that you want.


How To Use Moroccan Oil: Moroccan Oil In Various Forms

When searching for ways on how to use Moroccan Oil, you will surely find a lot of simple methods.  This is so because, as in any problem-solving technique, a solution that provides the least number of steps and the least complicated process can be both an effective and efficient way to solve your dilemma.  This statement also holds true in the case of Moroccan Oil applications, because this natural ingredient can simplify your hair styling practices and even shorten your prep time.

Below are some of the most popular options in taking advantage of this excellent product of nature.

Option 1: Use it in its purest form

It is said that using Moroccan oil in its unmodified form has been known for many years as an effective means of curing certain skin and hair problems.  One good way to get this oil’s benefit is to use it to moisturize hair, especially when using heat to style hair.  You can just grab a cheap GHD hair straightener, apply some of this oil to your damp tresses, and use the straightener to achieve that sleek, sophisticated appearance.  Whether you style your hair using heat or not, it is essential to moisturize its strands – and this is among the many applications of Moroccan Oil.

Option 2: Use it in the form of specially-formulated products

Some products available today contain Moroccan Oil as its ingredient: and this did not come as a surprise to those who truly know the effects that this oil can bring.  You could get luscious, shiny curls just by using Moroccan Oil products along with a Cloud 9 Wand.  This hair-curling tool works best with the use of natural oils because it makes hair more manageable without leaving it dry.

Option 3: Mix it with other essential oils

In some cases, Moroccan Oil is available in solutions that also contain other natural oils.  These products are specifically blended to achieve the right proportion of ingredients that can solve the most common hair problems like drying, dandruff, split ends, or dullness.  Other oils include virgin coconut oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil.  These oils have their own effects; and, when combined with Moroccan oil, can bring a holistic improvement to your hair’s condition.

As you try these ways on how to use Moroccan Oil, remember to continue with your habit of washing and combing your hair regularly to achieve the best results.


How To Straighten Your Hair: Some Hair-Straightening Tricks For Different Hair Types

Ways on how to straighten your hair can be more helpful if they are convenient, economical, and, of course, effective.  If a hair-straightening method fulfills all these three considerations, then it would most likely be beneficial in achieving straight and healthy-looking tresses – with less time and effort required.

Tips On Straightening Your Hair


  1. Work on achieving healthy hair, and not just straight hair.  This means nurturing your hair both from the inside and out.
  2. Straightening your hair should not be expensive: it should be easily accessible and should not pose a problem to your budget.
  3. Straightening your hair should not be too complicated; rather, it should be something that you can effortlessly achieve.


Easy Fixes On A “Bad Hair Day”

If you are wondering if the tips above are actually possible, try the following fixes to get that straight hair you want.

  1. For Naturally Wavy Hair

For this type of hair, aside from maintaining its moisture, all you need to do is to grab a cheap GHD hair straightener.  To prevent your hair from drying out as you straighten it, apply a leave-in conditioner or a hair moisturizer before using the tool.  Section your hair into at least four layers, and then take a 2-inch thick portion at a time.  Pass the hair straightener slowly while applying a little pressure to your hair as you go down to its tips.  Avoid tugging your hair too much as it can promote breakage.  In addition, keep the hair-straightening iron at least 3 inches away from your scalp to prevent it from causing any damage.

  1. For Extremely Frizzy Hair

If you have extremely curly hair, you can try a more intense method on how to straighten you hair.  One good example is the Kevin Murphy hair treatment (known as the Staying Alive conditioner) that locks in moisture thoroughly.  This can easily straighten out the frizzes, and, with the help of a handy hair straightener, would most likely be a quick fix for your hair problems – and all you need to do is to spray it onto your hair.

  1. For Straight but Lifeless Hair

It is actually not just about straight hair: it is about having a healthy, bouncy, and shiny hair.  Add some volume to your lifeless hair to make it more appealing. Even guys can give their hair some spunk with the help of products like the American Crew Australia daily moisturizing shampoo for men.

Remember to incorporate these tips on how to straighten your hair into your daily routines, and every day would surely be a “good hair day”.


How to Make Your Hair Healthy

We can give a special treatment to our hair in order to have a good looking, smooth, maybe straight or curly hair, depending on the style we want. But our hair undergo damages everyday due to direct exposure to heat, sunlight, air pollution, and to the tons of hair products we use daily. But we can still get our hair back to health, just some does and don’t, and some other treatments.

Never brush wet hair, instead, opt to use a Kevin.Murphy wide tooth texture comb. It is advisable to use a wide tooth comb when our hair is wet. It allows hair to detangle without breaking, just make sure to start from the end up, not from top to tip. Brushing our hair when, on the other hand, makes only our hair to break, increase tangle, and hard to comb. Also, it may also be helpful if we comb our hair even with our fingers before we take a bath. It decreases tangle and allows smooth shampooing and massaging of our hair when taking a bath.

Use good quality hair products, rather than using harsh and damaging chemicals on your hair. These include Redken shampoos, conditioners, hair moisturizers and other hair products that protect our hair from damages we get from the direct sunlight and heat, air pollution, and from the damaging chemicals that we apply to our hair.  Using some harsh products for your hair may increase the damage on your hair if you continue using it for a longer time without any treatment on your hair.

Let us give our hair a treatment.  Even if we already have our hair straight, or curly, it would be better to give them a nice treatment, maybe by using some GHD hair products to boost. We can either use from normal to more powerful conditioners, depending on the state of our hair. We can either try to use a deep conditioning treatment, a hot oil treatment, at least once a week to restore and revitalize our hair to a healthier state.

Minimize the heat. We use flat irons, or curlers to turn our hair to a straight or curls all day, but we don’t realize that everyday ironing or curling gives our hair a daily trauma. We may try to minimize it for a while, and instead use a hair dryer to allow them to flow naturally, or braid it to give us another hair style, for a new look, or make some braids and unravel it to give a wavy look.

Have a scheduled haircut. It is advisable to have our hair cut, at least once every other month. It gives less opportunity for split ends and losses to appear. We may also opt to cutting our hair into different lengths, giving us a new look, making our hair beautiful again and easier to manage.

Don’t go back to damaging habits on your hair. It doesn’t mean that when it looks good it is not damaging or healthy. Continue keeping the routinely activities of hair treatments for some few months. It will make your hair more beautiful, and damage free.


How to Make Straight Hair Wavy

Achieving straight hair all day is very nice. Achieving a nice curl would also be nice for you. But, if your hair is smooth and straight you might have a hard time keeping it wavy. However, you might still want to have a wavy look, to give more shape and curve to your face and appearance, enhancing your look, and giving you a new look.

So, here are some steps to achieve a wavy hair from straight hair. These are easy steps you could use that will help you achieve a nice wave into your hair, adding volume and shape.

The primary thing you’ll have to perform is rinse your locks and if you have plans to go out that day then rinse your hair at nighttime as you might not desire to be seen with your fresh damp hair style. Use some good hair products that will keep your hair damage free, and give it some treatment to keep it at a healthy state. After you have rinsed and moisturized your hair, make certain that you comb it through with a wide toothed comb to remove hair tangles.

The day you want your hair wavy, just make it a bit damper, allowing the hair to dry faster. You can curl all the sections of your hair, or just separate some section of it, maybe the outer layer, and leave the inner layer intact, if you have longer hair and want only the outer layer to be wavy. Split 1-inch or two-inch section of your hair, put the Cloud Nine hair rollers throughout those sections. You can utilize a different thickness of the curlers, and wrap it tightly and carefully around the rollers, holding it vertically and bending the ends in it. Alternating the direction of the curler gives a messier wave and less of a curled hair. To keep the rollers in your hair may cost you half an hour, and to achieve a wavy hair, keep it at least an hour in your head before removing it.  After an hour, you can remove the rollers carefully.

If you want to have a wavy look, all you have to do is to clamp e.g. a GHD hair straightener around the 1-inch divided segment of your hair. Be certain to thoroughly dry the hair first in advance of curling, if you take a shower and have wet hair. From the root, wind the iron as you move it gently along the span of your hair. Just keep the angle and position of the straightener consistent if you want to have a uniform wave of your hair, or keep different angles of the straightener while ironing it, to create different waves.

For finishing, either when using a roller or a straightener, apply some good Kevin Murphy hair products before wrapping with rollers or ironing it with straighteners. This will help to keep a flexible hold of waves and at the same time protecting them. It will keep the wave intact all day long while protecting your hair from any damages.


How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

We may want to have another hair style. We may have straight hair, and then decide to have curly hair another time. And with some equipment we use for achieving nice straight hair, we can in addition use it to have curly hair. That is, we can make use of hair strengtheners that are normally used to successfully straighten hair, and instead use them to curl our hairs.  By maneuvering the angle and the position of the straightener, we can achieve wavy hair, with the help of a good process of curling, and the use of hair care products.

Usually, when using a straightener, we position it horizontally with our arms, and run it all the way down the span of the hair. But when we want to have some waves, all we need to do is to reposition the straightener, make it angled vertically, while moving it gradually in a slow winding motion downwards throughout the span of the locks.

Preparing our hair to have curls or waves is just the same as preparing our hair for other hair styles that we want. We need to clean it first, the same process as we do when washing our hair, with the same application of shampoo and conditioner. This allows the hair to be free from harmful chemicals and dirt that have been accumulated that will damage our hair specially under the warm temperature of the straightener.

Ensure to dry your hair with a towel before curling. Curling while the hair is still moist will not be effective, and will only make the hair return to its usual shape. Split the hair using your fingers, clip those at the back, and start curling hair from the front and sides. The waves and curls depend upon the group of hairs you curl per batch. So, if you want some small waves, get a small group of hair to be ironed at first. While if you want big waves on your hair, separate larger groups. It would be better to split 1-inch of hair, and clip the others with a clipper such as one from Wahl clippers Australia.

Protect your hair from the heat with some heat protecting products, and apply some straightening agent too. It allows curls to stay longer, and it retains the shape of the curls all day long.

Position the parted hair sandwiched between the plates of the straighteners. Afterwards, fasten your hair; just make sure that it is not too tight or too loose. Avoid fastening hair tightly because fastening too tightly affects and harms your locks. Holding it too loosely, on the other hand, will not affect the hair, it will just return the hair to its usual shape. Wait for at least 60 seconds before moving the straightener gradually downward, and once it is already three-quarters of the length of the hair, turn the iron upward.

After the procedure, apply some Moroccan oil that will retain the curls of the hairs and protect the hair from humidity that will make it loose its curls.


How Can I Keep My Hair Straight All Day

There are many steps in order to fulfill a good, smooth, and straight hair all day long. Some few tips would be better to achieve it. Just make sure to prepare your hair before straightening it. Monthly trimming of your hair reduces split ends. You should ensure that split ends have been trimmed before using products such as straighteners. Split ends may cause your hair to have breakage, thus increasing hair damage. You may try some few tips that will make your hair a perfect straight all day long.

In preparing for shower, tenderly brush or finger-comb your hair. This allows hair to loosen up some hair tangles. It may be hard to remove tangles especially when the hair is already wet.

Wet your hair and apply small amount of your favorite shampoo, starting from roots to tip. Gently rub your hair deep into the roots using the tips of your fingers. Massaging our hair and scalp allows good circulation of blood, and helps healthy growth of our hair. Forceful rubbing of hair, on the other hand, would cause hair breakage. Rinse carefully with water, paying particular concentration to the hairline for any shampoo residues. Gently squeeze remaining water before applying conditioner. You may use a towel to remove wetness. Apply a good quality hair conditioner. It helps protect your hair from the daily damages and pollution. And then rinse thoroughly. Some use a conditioner and rinse it with water before applying hair moisturizers or air drying it. Others, on the other hand, just leave the conditioners all day long, because it enhances smoothness of the hair. You may opt to use Redken products for your shampoo and conditioner of your choice.

Gently dry hair using a towel. When wrapping hair, do not tie hair tightly, as it may cause breakage to your hair. Use a large tooth comb to loose hair tangle, and blow dry it. Brushing it with a brush may just break your hair and it’s not easy to remove the tangles.

Blow dry your hair with a hair dryer by Parlux. It will give you enough heat to dry your hair. If you don’t have not enough time waiting for your hair to dry, you may accelerate the drying process by changing the hotness setting of the dryer. Just make sure to keep the dryer no less than five inches away from your hair. Excessive heat may cause or hasten hair damage. When the hair attains about half the dryness, you can concentrate on drying one area, gently combing on one area. Use Wahl hair clippers to clip and divide the top, front, and sides of your hair and blow dry them one at a time.

Once hair is mostly dry, use a flat brush dryer, a good straightener to effectively straighten your hair. You can adjust the level of heat so that you can attain a perfect straight hair, even how curly it is. Start first from the top and sides. When finished, move to the back.

Now you can set your style. Use a good quality Moroccan oil for hair for finishing to effectively keep your hair straight all day. It will keep your hair smooth for hours but does not leave your hair damaged.